Program Highlights

The Hon. Thomas D. Horne Leadership in the Law Program is a unique opportunity for students to learn firsthand about the legal system. The program is designed to allow rising high school seniors to work with local judges, lawyers, law clerks and other professionals to learn about the law. Students should be well-rounded individuals who are motivated and eager to learn about the legal system.The Loudoun Bar Foundation is able to offer this program to students at no cost due to the support of the Loudoun and Fauquier Bar Associations as well as generous private donations.

Criminal & Civil Law

The program introduces students to the practice of criminal and civil law, courtroom procedures, crime scene investigation and the handling and preservation of evidence. Experienced practitioners will provide instruction and hands-on demonstrations.

Team Building Skills

Team-building skills are also emphasized throughout the program. Students participate in recreational activities and examples from past years have included: swimming, volleyball, soccer, salsa dancing lessons by an Arthur Murray instructor, and white water rafting.

Mock Trial

Student legal teams receive a case outline, study the facts, visit the crime scene, interview witnesses and experts, analyze evidence, develop exhibits and prepare witnesses and experts for trial. The program culminates in a jury trial in which students assume the roles of lawyers. A sitting Circuit Court Judge presides over the trial.